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Hi There and thanks for stopping by. This site is a no frills look at the best hands free cell phone devices available online and information you should consider before purchasing a new hands free cell phone device.

Our Favorite Hands Free Cell Phone Devices

We researched a great deal of websites and forums to come up with what we feel are the two best hands free cell phone devices available right now. The first is designed for in car use and the second is designed to be worn on your head.

The Motorola T505

The Motorola T505 is our top pick for an in car hands free cell phone device.

It has received rave reviews from many different consumers who have purchased it as well as great marks on many different consumer reports websites.

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The Motorola H720

The Motorola H720 is our top pick for an in ear hands free cell phone device.

Again, this Motorola product comes very well reviewed by people who have purchased it. This device holds a charge for a long time and has proven to be compatible with ANY bluetooth phone on the market.

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Hands Free Cell Phone Device Reviews

The Motorola T505 Review

Motorola T505 Bluetooth Portable In-Car Speakerphone

The MotorolaT505 Bluetooth (MOTOROKR) is a portable speakerphone for the vehicle. This innovative device provides drivers within easy way to make and receive phone calls safely.

The MOTOROKR from Motorola is a hands free solution to both make/receive calls and listen to music without causing a distraction to the driver. It is small, lightweight, and it easily clips to the visor without any installation necessary. Once the Bluetooth-compatible phone or MP3 player is easily paired with the MOTOROKR; there is no need to further sync them again. The work is done and there’s only room left for play.

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Because the T505 Bluetooth offers a built-in FM radio transmitter; the phone calls and music are projected both clear and loud through the speakers in the vehicle stereo system. Users actually hear the phone call or music over the car stereo. The technology of echo and noise reduction ensures that calls and music is clear and loud every time. This also gives the user a large volume selection by choosing the Bluetooth’s internal speaker or the car stereo speakers. Whenever a phone call comes in (or is made) or music is played, the car stereo automatically pauses. When the call is over, the music or radio resumes again without prompts.

StationFinder is another terrific feature on the MOTOROKR. This innovation, upon request, will scan all of the FM stations for a station with an optimal connection. There is no more constant searching necessary to find a good station.

Motorola T505 Features

- Wirelessly connects Bluetooth enabled phone and car stereo for hands free

- communication and broadcasting of music from your phone

- Clips from the visor and can be taken from car to car- no installation required

- StationFinder finds and announces where to tune the FM for a clear FM connection to the car stereo

- Audio Caller ID speaks the number of the person calling

- Comes complete with a car charger

The Reviews

The MOTOROKR received great reviews. Customers reported that this product is exactly as described, and in most cases, are better than anticipated. The compact device that connects automatically every time, users feel, is the best on the market. Users appreciate that the phone number of an incoming call is said automatically over the speaker so they don’t have to look up to see who is calling.

In particular, users were really pleased with the extreme quality sound of phone calls. They report to never or very rarely ever experience any echo or other background noise, as is the problem with other comparable units. It has a long battery life so charging during the week is not an issue.

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The only issues are that it only comes with a USB and car charger, which is inconvenient for some customers. Although they are adequate, when the unit is clipped on the visor it is not convenient to have the charger coming down in front of the driver. Also, it is reported by a handful of users that the Motorola T505 can be difficult to sync with certain phones. Customers should always check the specifications to ensure compatibility with their electronics.

Overall, this product received a lot of reviews and 90% of them are very positive. It seems the MOTOROKR is a high-quality product with a lot of pleased customers.

Motorola H720 Review

Motorola H720 Bluetooth Headset

The Motorola H720 Bluetooth headset is an updated version of the extremely popular, H710. It has a professional appearance with black and graphite tones and the headset rests on the ear as opposed to going inside the ear, which makes the headset extremely comfortable. There is echo and noise-reduction technology to provide users with a better calling experience that on their actual phone. Even through road and background noise, callers will be unaware the user is even in a vehicle.

The H720 has a RapidConnect feature that allows users to very easily connect calls with just a flip. Even if the Bluetooth is not on, the RapidConnect provides a one-step, on and answer, solution. Flip it back off and the unit will begin saving power. It is extremely easy to use.

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The Motorola Bluetooth headset has a battery that provides up to 8 hours of conversation for the user. It can sit on standby for up to 11 days, allowing users the flexibility of not having to charge during the day or for a week, depending on usage. The headset comes complete with a micro USB charger for added convenience.

Motorola H720 Features:

- Lightweight, on-ear wearing style ensures all day comfort

- Noise-reduction and echo-cancellation technology

- Compatible with any Bluetooth-enabled phone

- Long-lasting charge provides up to eight hours of uninterrupted conversation

- RapidConnect features allows users to connect to calls with a simple flip

The Reviews

The H720 by Motorola has provided users with a great experience, judging by the number of positive reviews left by enthusiastic customers.

Users comment that it syncs with any type of phone with ease and offers really great sound quality. Most customers mentioned that callers had no idea they were speaking from a headset and that call quality was better than on the phone. Rapid connect and disconnect is also reported as very convenient among customers. It can easily be turned on and connected to a phone call with one action.

Several customers even reported that the Motorola H720 is so comfortable to wear; that it is often left on when users fall asleep. A handful of users specifically talked of washing their unit and, upon allowing it to dry, was using it again within a day’s time.

The only negative remarks were from the new model’s very small indicator light; where there used to be a very large light in the previous model. One user was not happy with the sound quality, and upon returning it to the retailer, was completely satisfied with the replacement.

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Overall, there are many satisfied customers of the Motorola H720 Bluetooth headset. The call sound quality, comfortable design, and the ease in use are qualities that keep customers coming back.

Hands Free Cell Phone Devices – Do We Really Need Them?

Is there really a need for hands free cell phone devices?

A hands-free cell phone device is a product that allows users to take and make phone calls without having to actually hold the phone. Hands-free phone calls can be made in the car, in the home or office, or anyplace where the added mobility is needed. It is a nice feature to be able to still move about freely while talking on the phone; without having to worry about ‘bent neck’. Any kind of task can be easily and quickly completed without having to hold a phone.

Hands-free devices come in many shapes and sizes. Some are wired and some wireless. There are types that sit on the ear and are barely noticed when worn, there are some that sit inside the ear, and a few models are made to be worn on clothing. Newer models have been designed to clip to the car visor so it doesn’t have to be worn in any way. These models even have the capacity to stream music, as well as phone calls, from the phone to the car stereo. The device will temporarily stop the radio so that users can hear the caller’s voice over the speakers. When the call or music is over; the radio resumes automatically. There are a lot of different brands and types of hands-free devices to choose from and a customer should research features depending upon individual needs.

Most models are Bluetooth-enabled, meaning that they are sync’d with almost any phone with ease and commands can be voice-activated.

The original purpose of the hands-free device was to offer an alternative to standard cell phone use in a vehicle. Many of the accidents that are reported are due to being on the phone while driving. Although a user can still be clearly preoccupied with both carrying on a conversation and driving; manufacturers hope that the hands-free device can help in several ways. The user is now able to keep both hands on the wheel. The voice-command prompts allow the user to speak-dial the numbers to call and to hear the number of the incoming call without looking up or down at the phone. Hands-free devices provide for extremely easy functions to ensure that the customer requires the least amount of touch and focus to use the product.

One survey indicated that users of hands-free devices while driving were able to steer better, had faster brake reaction times, and maintained a more consistent speed as opposed to drivers using a hand-held phone.

Hands-free devices seem to do exactly what they were designed for. They give the user an easy, convenient, and hands-free phone experience without a lot of fuss.

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